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Owned and operated by a Registered Nurse.

A provider with a difference, located in Greystanes! 


We pride ourselves on providing high quality Disability Services, including Supported Independent Living  (SIL) and Short Term/Respite Accommodation. We assist our residents with daily tasks, life skills, empower and assist them to gain independence. Our home is spacious, comfortable, welcoming and sociable. We have experienced, skilled and caring staff that provide regular fun activities, to ensure that there is always something to look forward to at Myhome@greystanes!

About Us


  Our vision is to provide a home where people love to live, a place for people to make friends, socialise and take part in regular fun activities and outings. We go that extra mile for our participants to assist them to achieve their goals and to ensure that they feel happy, safe and secure within the Myhome@greystanes' home. 

  We have put a lot of time and effort to carefully select highly skilled and knowledgeable employees who are enthusiastic about empowering, self determination and supporting individual growth.

We want to make a difference in the lives of our participants by enhancing their potential and bringing joy and excitement into their everyday lives. 

Our goal is to empower individuals to allow them to thrive!

Our Services

Supported Independent Living (SIL) Accommodation


You won't find a more homely and fun Supported Independent Living accommodation anywhere but at Myhome@greystanes.  We understand that committing to a home long term is a serious and can be a frightening experience, trial the home with Short Term Accommodation before committing to Long Term Accommodation, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decisions.

Short Term Accommodation and Emergency Short Term Accommodation


 We can provide Short Term Accommodation to you or your loved one. Whether it is planned ahead of time or needed unexpectedly at short notice. You never know when an  emergency will arise. We can provide Emergency Short Term Accommodation in your time of need.

Support Coordination


For every participant is a plan – this plan is given to us when a participant joins our family and we happily develop this plan from ideas, to goals and into an action plan.  We spend quality time with each participant to ensure their goals are addressed and met.

Community Support Workers


If you are a carer and need a helping hand or a break at home, our Support Workers can come to your home and assist you with anything from daily tasks to learning new skills.

Community Nursing Care


We have an experienced Registered Nurse that can assist with any nursing duty required, such as medication administration, injections, tube feeding, dressing changes and even complex dressings like central line dressings.

Community Access and Innovative Community Participation


We want to include our participants in community activities, events and outings. We can also provide Innovative Social inclusion in the community.

Assist- Personal Activities


Our staff can assist you to with Personal Activities such as meal preparation, feeding, dressing and showering.

Development-Life Skills


We can provide education and guidance to Develop Life Skills, such as reading, writing, travel training and money management.

Household Tasks


We can provide you with support to attend to Household Tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, gardening and basic housekeeping.

Our Home


 Our home has been newly acquired & furnished with one goal in mind: to create an environment where anyone would feel at home.  

Our home features: 

  • 12 room facility with 7 bedrooms available  (furnished or unfurnished)
  • Each bedroom has it's own lock and a key
  • Air conditioning in each bedroom 
  • Locked mailbox per resident
  • Wheelchair accessible lower ground
  • Wheelchair accessible bathroom/toilet
  • Chill-out to do some reading, take time out and relax or play some card or boards games
  •  Large kitchen with a Google Home mini for hands-free music or asking Google assist a question 
  • Two entertainment rooms, one on each level of the house, each with a large smart TV  connected to Netflix and Youtube
  • A computer to connect participants to the world 
  • Wi-Fi throughout the house
  •  Outdoor seating and BBQ area to get some sunshine or partake in outdoor activities. 
  • Outdoor cinema in warmer weather
  • Near shops such as Pemulway Marketplace, Greystanes Shopping Centre
  • Bus stop outside property going towards Parramatta and Merrylands
  • Near Westmead Hospital
  • On site parking available

Our Team

Support Workers


We have created a team of Support Workers, who are highly skilled and committed to improving lives. This team combined has a range of education that includes:

-Certificates 3 and 4 in Disability

-Certificates in Aged care

-Registered Nurses from overseas

-Registered Nurse students

- Social Work students 

- Midwifery students

-Exercise Physiologist

Our Support Workers are looking forward to meeting you.

Tiffany Yew | Managing Director


Tiffany is a Registered Nurse with over 12 years experience working in a large public Sydney based hospital. She has a strong passion for helping others, improving quality of life and takes pride in the high quality services she provides. She aspires to bring nursing standards into disability, that is higher levels of education, training and professionalism.  It is her vision to empower individuals and create person-centred disability services that improves lives. 

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